Stripe Payment 2.2.4 Stable

Released on: Tuesday, 08 January 2019 00:00

Version 2.2.4 2019/01/08
    Bumped Stripe Library to 6.28
    Added the Joomla! installer to Stripe and Stripe Connect, so now all Stripe plugins have automated updates;

Version 2.2.3 2019/01/07
    New editors plugin, adds a button to the admin editor to quickly insert shortcodes
    All plugins auto-enable on first install.

    Breaking change: The text "Pay Now" by default changed to "Pay 10,50€".
    To revert to its previous behaviour, use the Language Override feature in
    Joomla to set the strings as follows:
    ; Production setting, with amount:
    ; Production setting, simple text (as it was):
    STRIPE_PAY_NOW="Pay Now"

Version 2.1.2 2019/01/06
   Stripe Button supports variable amount

Version 2.1.1 2019/01/03
    Support for independent Stripe Button

Version 2.0.7 2018/10/31
    JGive support for Connect added.

Version 2.0.6 2018/10/24
    JTicketing improved the api implementation, now the plugin runs much faster.
    Disabling the Stripe Connect plugin now has no effect on the connect functionality.

Version 2.0.5 2018/10/23
    JGive in basic stripe mode

Version 2.0.4 2018/10/23
    Polished interface and code
    Added frontend support
    Added fraud prevention options   

Version 2.0.3
    Now compatibile with TJ-Ticketing 2

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