obGrabber HTML Decode text processor

Convert all ' & &quote; < in your obGrabber pipelines!

obGrabber can import data from external sources, however it will not automatically convert HTML entities such as & ' etc. to their corrensponding unicode characters.  This issue arises for example with the Youtube plugin.

This plugin adds such functionality.

In order to use it, first download and install the file using the Joomla Extension Manager.

Then go to plugins, and enable the newly installed plugin: please disregard the search and replace fields, and leave them empty. We removed this functionality as it breaks the obGrabber pipeline editor.

Now open a pipeline, you will need to perform two tasks:

1. Add the HTML Decode Processor;

2. Match its output to the Adapter Output

3. Save, then run

In order to test properly, you will need a repeatable test environment. Just spot an article with wrong encoding, delete it and empty the trash (our littlehelper extension might turn out to be useful for this).  Then run the Manual Post and check its output.