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#1029 – Asset Table Feature

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Sabato, 10 Ottobre 2015 09:02 UTC
If relevant, give us some technical details to reproduce the issue you're reporting Joomla version:3.4 PHP version:5.4 Server: (apache) Server OS: (linux)   Hi, I used the little helper plugin to delete articles in trash bin but the extension did not delete the assets in the asset table for the articles. It only deleted the articles not the asset records for them.   How do I get little helper to delete the asset records for the deleted articles?   Is this possible?   I had to use the ACL manager to delete the asset records and that took me 2 weeks.   I have a large database of articles.   Please get back to me on how I can delete the asset records for the articles.   Thanks, Robin
Mercoledì, 14 Ottobre 2015 07:57 UTC

Hello Robin,

this is quite strange.  LittleHelper first asks Joomla to clear the recycled items; if that fails, it then proceeds to delete assets and related articles.  So either way the assets should get deleted.

Before deleting anything, a .sql backup file is stored in the /tmp folder; there you can see what was deleted and have a list of all the ids. Additionally, the deleted ids are stored in the error log.

I have made a note to check the delete feature, but it will be handled in approx three weeks as we're delivering a large project now.

This will not solve your  issue though; as I understand you still have tons of assets that match nothing: those can be removed with a lot of caution with direct database access, use something like this: select the third word in the dot-separated asset column 'name', i.e. the article id, and LEFT JOIN the articles table (#__content), and select the ASSETS that have no corrensponding article. The selection substring is repeated for your convenience


FROM `#__assets` AS a
`#__content` as c
ON, '.',  3), '.', -1)

WHERE like '%content%' and like '%article%' AND isnull(


Mercoledì, 04 Novembre 2015 02:40 UTC
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