Commercial extensions

Please buy your extension below. You might also be interested in our Consultancy and support plans

The prices below include VAT; however, VAT will not be charged if you purchase from outside the EU

approx. $8.39

Purchase the Simple AccessKey Pro system Plugin, one site license

approx. $5.34

Purchase the Easy Https System Plugin, one site license.

approx. $53.43

Setup and configure your Stripe plugin, button, connect.

Please understand that for security reasons we may not accept to act on your behalf on your Stripe account. DO NOT send us your password!

If you do so, we'll have to cancel your account and refund you.

What do we need?

  • A new super-user login named "fasterjoomla" with a password generated from or the like, with superuser privileges
  • Your Stripe e-mail
  • You Stripe keys:
    • Test Publishable key
    • Test Secret key
    • Live Publishable key
    • Live Secret key

We will guide you, also in screensharing, to acquire them, in a videocall. Discuss your requirement then proceed to implement the configuration.

approx. $32.06

One year of downloads of Stripe Payment Plugin.

This does not include support beyond bug fixes.

approx. $154.95

Stripe Connect allows you to gather payments for your multivendor site.

Stripe Connect includes the Stripe Payment commercial plugin (you don't need to buy both).  If you purchased the Stripe Plugin already, you will automatically get a discount in proportion to the time remaining on that subscription.

In this package we include support to help you set up your system.  You may not download this plugin directly. We provide support in business hours (GMT+1)  monday through friday.

Stripe Payment and Stripe Connect require a Joomla Payment API - compatible application.

Should Stripe Connect not work on your system, we'll issue a refund.

Important Notes

Prices shown in USD ($) are approximate conversions based on the reference exchange rate of EUR to USD of 1.06860 published by the European Central Bank. They are non-binding and for your convenience only. Due to the volatile nature of foreign exchange rates and charges or taxes levied by your card's issuing bank and/or your local authorities these approximate prices do not necessarily reflect the price at which actual transactions will be made. All purchases are charged in EUR.