Commercial support plans

Please choose a consultancy plan below. You might also be interested in our Commercial extensions

The prices below include VAT; however, VAT will not be charged if you purchase from outside the EU

This is the basic membership: access premium content (downloads) and open consultancy tickets.

Access to our 360° consultancy services regarding any of your Joomla requirements (not just our extensions!). For example:

  • Server crash
  • Server cracked
  • Component review
  • 3rd party component customization/fix

This is a major step in website optimization.

This support option includes:

  • A complete review of the website speed;
  • A security assessment of the website;
  • Securing the website;
  • All non-coding optimizations including caching both server and clientside;
  • A SEO review;
  • 6 hours of coding optimizations, including: extension optimization, extension replacement and data migration, css manual optimization and sprite creation

Due to the language knowledge required, we can only offer this service to English or Italian websites.