Javascript has poor native support for chess. Nor is it fast.  Thus many attempts at writing a javascript chessboard failed in the past years.

Now two libraries made the news: the excellent chess.js, which features support for FEN, PGN, legal moves, checkmate conditions and much more.


Chessboard.js on the other hand presents a board.

The two can be integrated easily.  To make this task trivial I wrote the idea.js jQuery plugin that does just that: and connects to the server to present chess problems.


This would have not been possible with these great libraries:

Gianluca Cisana
All server code on ideachess

chess.js by Jeff Hlywa
powers the local game logic

chessboard.js by Chris Oakman
manages the board

jQuery.scrollintoview by Robert Koritnik
to scroll solutions easily

base64_decode by Kevin van Zonneveld
to overcome IE's lack of atob function.