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#1085 – ++++++++++ Problem Stripe ++++++++++

Posted in ‘Joomla Little Helper support’
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Monday, 21 October 2019 10:53 UTC

help help help

Bonjour, sur mon site j'utilise JTicketing. depuis la mise à jour Stripe 15 Septembre , Stripe ne communique plus avec. Je ne reçois plus les notifications des tickets acheté. J’ai testés avec paypal ça fonctionne. Le problème vient bien de Stripe depuis la mise à jour. 15 jours que je vous ai contacté et toujours pas de nouvelles. :(

Merci pascal

Hello, on my site I use JTicketing. since the update Stripe 15 September, Stripe no longer communicates with. I no longer receive notifications of tickets purchased. I tested with paypal it works. The problem has come from Stripe since the update. 15 days that I contacted you and still no news :(

Thank you Pascal

Monday, 21 October 2019 11:39 UTC

Hello Pascal,

sorry about the delay answering. I am moving and just got new internet, but it's still not reliable.

In order to help you, I need to figure out some details and make some tests.

We can do this in two ways:

- you provide me with ftp credentials and superadmin access to your site (creating a dedicated superadmin that you will disable / delete after I'm done)

- you send me info: webserver error log  (i.e. apache's error_log) and apply patches as I work on it;

You can trust your informatioon will be shared with no-one, but if you are conscious about security you might want to go the second way.

If you are conscious about sharing your password over email, you can add a private note to this ticket.

or you can use my personal email every way is fine (when I'm connected!)

Monday, 21 October 2019 13:33 UTC


I have just answered you by email

Thank you Pascal

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