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#1015 – JoomSEF Error

Posted in ‘Joomla Little Helper support’
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Sunday, 27 April 2014 14:07 UTC
If relevant, give us some technical details to reproduce the issue you're reporting Joomla version: 2.5.19 PHP version: 5.3.28 Server: (apache/iis and version) Apache  Server OS: (win/linux/osx) Linux Hello to Our incredible tool that you developed. I have a strange problem when using Artio JoomSEF. If I open a link the first time I get an error message (http://s13.postimg.org/u0lh1ophz/Joom_SEF_Error_01.png). If I open the same link for the second time it opens normally. What could it be? My site is http://www.trendsbyscarpiera.com/
Sunday, 27 April 2014 15:51 UTC


a quick glance at the source of the homepage revealed errors in the twitter image (right column, near the top of the page), and most of the social icons in the footer: they are all encoded with base64 but without "" surrounding the data.  I suggest you use a sprite since - besides the error - they make your page unnecessarily heavy and must be re-downloaded at every visit, it's just useless to compress images inline with the markup; it's even debatable including base64 in the css, but in the html it's downright wrong unless the images change on each visit - but social media icons hardly ever change!

Besides this you have a K2-related jQuery error (calling noConflict() before the jQuery is available).

But this is not the end. Your page is really too complex to handle with third party libraries, you have so many libraries, so much inlined javascript, so many css files (despite having apparently some css compressed), 130+ files downloaded, it takes nearly 20 seconds to load it from Italy, call it 10 from Brasil, you're still way too slow.  Also mobile users will never make it through unless they have super-broadband.

Our main activity is making sites faster, but from a quick glance I would strongly suggest you rethink and organize the code, and document the features, because as it is it would be a massive job, involving at the very least removing half a dozen extensions, 20-30 libraries, and create a single one to perform all the work.

That said, we do not produce JoomSEF, and are in no way related to Artio (althogh I know the product of course).  If you were referring to another of our extensions, I didn't see it in use on the website and cannot guess if it were toomanyfiles maybe? but you can't use it with such a messy markup, I am guessing it would never be able to work, you need to fix the code first! Or if it was LittleHelper, maybe the issue was simply in the .htaccess files, but with that much content I would optimize those as well.

I hope I explained well enough what you need to do... simply press CTRL-U in Firefox and see the red lines for the first errors, then start looking at all the code (javascript) in the same window and figure out which you really need and which is unnecessary, and start removing / cleaning up.

If your site is already live, I suggest you work on an offline version as these activities may temporarily introduce errors.  The matters I outlined are fairly serious and you should look after them quickly.

Sunday, 18 May 2014 01:40 UTC
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